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Meet our Team

West Michigan Roofing Professionals

Premier Roofing and Exteriors requires all of our Grand Rapids Roofing team members to be licensed and trained for their respective roofing and exteriors positions. In addition, they’re required to pass a full background check and drug screening to ensure your family’s safety and trust. Once these qualifications are met, each employee then endures a minimum of 20 hours of in-class and field training with Certified instructors with at least 10 years of experience. As a family-owned company in West Michigan, we take pride in knowing that your Premier estimator has the character and knowledge that we would trust around our own families and homes.

Kyle Smith Premier Roofing Project Manager
Kyle Smith
Project Manager
Jared Beckwith Premier Roofing Cost Estimator
Jared Beckwith
Ryan Balcom
Project Manager
Rick Zuniga Premier Roofing Project Manager
Rick Zuniga
Project Manager
Wayne Mills Premier Roofing Project Manager
Wayne Mills
Project Manager
Josh Bell Premier Roofing Price Estimator
Josh Bell
Jim Kelly Premier Roofing Price Estimate
Jim Kelly
Mike Horton Premier Roofing Price Estimator
Mike Horton
Paul Schilthuis Premier Roofing Price Estimator
Paul Schilthuis
Austin Smoes Premier Roofing Price Estimator
Austin Smoes
Dave Devries Premier Roofing Price Estimator
Dave Devries
Craig Howell Premier Roofing Office Manager
Craig Howell
Office Manager
Kate H. Premier Roofing Warranty Administrator
Kate H.
Warranty Administrator
Kathleen Balcom Premier Roofing Administrative Assistant
Kathleen Balcom
Administrative Assistant
Nate J. Premier Roofing New Construction Manager
Nate J.
New Construction Manager
David Gater Premier Roofing General Manager
David Gater
General Manager