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Affordable financing payment plans for roof projects in West Michigan

Roof Financing inWest Michigan

Finance your roofing project in West Michigan with one of Premier Roofing’s affordable payment plan options. Contact us and get pre-approved today!

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Premier Roofing offers 2 affordable roof financing options for most roof replacement and roof repair jobs in West Michigan. Our financing options include a traditional installment loan and a 12-month same-as-cash loan. If you have questions about the financing options we offer, please contact our roof financing team. 

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Payment plans for roof repair and replacement jobs in West Michigan

Finance Option 1:

Traditional Installment Loan - Our traditional installment roofing loan includes a fixed APR of 8.99%-15.99%. This finance option comes with 12 to 144-month repayment terms.

Finance Option 2:

12-Month Same-As-Cash Loan - Our same-as-cash roofing loan comes with a fixed APR of 19.99% and has repayment terms of  24-134 months.

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4 Roof Financing Payment Methods

Monthly roof financing payments can be made using 4 different payment methods:

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. Debit Card
  4. Credit Card (all major card providers)

When you take advantage of our affordable roof financing options you get to choose the payment method most convenient to you!

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The Positives of Roof Financing 

Roof loans, financing, and payment plans are designed to help you afford the roofing project that snuck up on you. Rather than spending months or years saving up the cash you need for your urgent roofing job, a good financing plan allows you to press start on your essential roofing project today. Waiting too long to repair or replace your roof can cause water damage from cracks and leaks, structural damage, fire hazards, health risks, and much more. Working with a roofer that offers financing in West Michigan can help you get the job done faster - increasing the longevity of your home. 

Traditional Installment Loans For Roofing

Traditional installment loans are commonly used to finance homes, cars, or other large purchases. An installment loan helps you finance your large roofing purchase by loaning you a lump sum of money that you pay back with small payments over time. Payment periods are defined by the roof financing provider and are usually monthly or yearly. Traditional installment loans are a great option for roofing projects if you’re looking to buy now and pay later.

Same-As-Cash Financing for Roof Projects

Same-as-cash financing for roofing projects allows you to receive a loan without paying any interest or monthly payments during a set period. For example, a 12-month same-as-cash financing plan means you will not have to pay interest or payments on the loaned amount until 12 months after you first received the loan amount. If the entire loan is paid off before the set period has passed, no interest will be owed on the loan amount. Same-as-cash financing is a great option for homeowners that are confident they can pay their loan amount back before the outlined period - resulting in no interest.

Average Roof Financing Payments in West Michigan

Monthly payments for roof replacment in Michigan depend on the total cost of the roof, the repayment terms, and the APR. The below table shows the estimated monthly payments for an 8.99% APR loan with 1-year, 2-year, and 12-year repayment terms (monthly payments in the below chart assume no down payment was applied). Pay-in-full amounts for each city are calculated using the median-sized home in each location. For the most accurate financing information, please contact our team of roofing estimators.

City Est. Pay-In-Full Cost Est. 12-Month Payment Est. 24-Month Payment Est. 144-Month Payment
Grand Rapids $3,000 - $20,000 $262.34 - $1,748.94 $137.04 - $913.60 $34.12 - $227.49
Grandville $5,500 - $21,600 $480.96 - $1,888.85 $251.24 - $986.69 $62.56 - $245.69
Wyoming $2,000 - $18,500 $174.89 - $1,617.77 $91.36 - $845.08 $22.75 - $210.43
Rockford $2,200 - $20,000 $192.38 - $1,748.94 $100.50 - $913.60 $25.02 - $227.49
Lakeshore $2,000 - $19,200 $174.89 - $1,678.98 $91.36 - $877.06 $22.75 - $218.39
Kentwood $2,000 - $19,200 $174.89 - $1,678.99 $91.36 - $877.07 $22.75 - $218.40
Holland $2,000 - $20,000 $174.89 - $1,748.94 $91.36 - $913.60 $22.75 - $227.49
Ada $3,300 - $31,000 $288.57 - $2,710.85 $150.74 - $1,416.08 $37.54 - $352.61
Walker $2,000 - $20,000 $174.89 - $1,748.94 $91.36 - $913.60 $22.75 - $227.49


Contact us today to learn more or to get started with roof financing.

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Austin really delivered. Our roof is 25 years old and now is better than new. Austin, the foreman Kyle, and the entire crew did an outstanding job on the roofing and on the cleanup. Thank for a job well done.

Mary Capitano

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Highly recommend Premier Roofing. Dave came to my home on the same day I placed a call regarding a leak from my ceiling. He did a thorough evaluation of the problem on the roof, and provided a fair estimate within a day. Dave placed a tarp on the chimney/roof area of concern, which kept water from c...
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Dmitri Altum

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Austin at Premier was a joy to work with. Very thorough in explanation to a first time home owner, made sure I understood what it would cost, how things could change, and what the process would look like start to finish. Despite some unforeseen issues with my roof, they were able to adjust quickly a...
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Becky W

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Austin was able and willing to come by the same day we called to check out a roof leak we have. He was able to secure the leak and ceiling until Spring time when we are able to get the leak fixed. Thank you for taking the time to ensure our ceiling is safe until Spring. We appreciate the willingness...
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Robyn Bruining

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Premier was recommended via the web & another roofing company due to their expertise in flat roofs. Mike Horton was extremely professional and honest during his assessment and throughout the entire project. Because of his knowledge in multiple exterior areas, we decided to expand our project and are...
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