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Michigan Window Replacement Cost Calculator

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1. Select number and size of replacement windows
Most windows are "medium" UI ? To get Unit Inches (UI) just add the height and width of the window. Measure from the jamb (The edge of the frame, not the edge of the glass)

Double hung window installation & replacement cost estimates

Double Hung

Slider windows price estimates in Wisconsin


Casement window installation costs in the Milwaukee area


Awning window price quote for Wisconsin homes


Twin casement cost estimates

Twin Casement

Triple casement widnow installation costs

Triple Casements

Picture window replacement and installtion estimates


3 lite bay window costs for Wisconsin homes

3 Lite Bay/Bow

4 lite bay window installation prices

4 Lite Bay/Bow

What Goes Into Calculating Window Cost in Michigan

  1. Window quantity: The more windows you need, the more expensive the total cost will be. However, the per-window cost usually decreases with each window you purchase in a single order.
  2. Window size: The bigger the windows, the more expensive they will be. Windows sizes 70ui and smaller are usually the least expensive windows compared to their larger counterparts.
  3. Window type: More advanced, modern windows with complex architecture will cost more than generic window types like double-hung windows.
  4. Frame material: Vinyl, fiberglass, and wood frame materials all come at increasing costs. The higher quality of the material, the more it will cost.

Average Cost of Replacement Windows in Michigan

The average cost of a full window replacement on the average-sized home in Michigan is anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. This calculation assumes the use of double-hung vinyl windows and a 2,000-square-foot house with 1 window per 100 square feet. Homes with upgraded window materials can expect higher prices ranging from $16,000 to $34,000+.

Window Replacement Cost by Window Type in Michigan

Windows come in a collection of types and styles - each coming in at their own price points based on quality, material, and size. The below chart shows the average price per window for 8 different window types. Calculations in the table are based on the average price of all possible window sizes and materials. For the most accurate quote on your window replacement project, contact the professional window replacement team at Premier.

Window Type Per Window Cost
Double Hung $760 - $1,340
Slider $760 - $1,340
Casement $1,000 - $1,630
Awning $1,000 - $1,630
Twin Casement $1,570 - $2,520
Triple Casements $2,020 - $3,315
Picture $765 - $1,340
3 Lite Bay/Bow $3,900 - $9,000
4 Lite Bay/Bow $4,700 - $9,900

Window Cost by Frame Material in Michigan

One of the biggest factors playing into window cost is the window frame material. The different window frame materials can varry in price depending on the brand you choose. The average price of a double-hung window frame by material type in Michigan is as follows:

Window Material Per Window Cost
Vinyl $625 - $1,005
Premium Vinyl $800 - $1,300
Fiberglass $880 - $1,715
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