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What Determines Roof Cost in Michigan?

The cost of roof replacement and installation in Michigan differs for every home. The 5 main variables considered when quoting out a roof replacement project in Michigan include:

  1. Roof style: roof style refers to the architectural structure of your home. The most complicated roof styles require the most work, resulting in a higher roof installation or replacement cost.
  2. Roof steepness: the steeper the roof, the more difficult it is to install, replace, or repair roof material. Steep roofs require additional safety measures and precautions, resulting in a longer labor time and higher costs.
  3. Roof square footage: the most significant contributing factor to roof replacement cost is the size of the roof. With a bigger roof comes more required material and time for installation. The bigger the roof, the more it will cost.
  4. Roofing material: some roof materials are of higher quality than others, resulting in a higher price point/installation cost. Roof materials like asphalt are generally lower-cost options compared to cedar wood or metal.
  5. Labor costs: A portion of roof installation costs comes from the time/labor required to remove the old roof and install the new material. Usually, the longer it takes for a roofing contractor to complete the project, the more the project will cost. If the timeline of a roofing project is extended due to reasons caused by the roofing company, this usually won’t increase the price.


How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost in Michigan?

The average cost of roof replacement in Michigan is $12,000. However, roof replacement projects can range anywhere from $2,700 to $22,000 depending on the roof's size, architecture, and the materials used. 

Average Roofing Cost in Your Area

The below table calculates the average roof replacement cost for cities in your area. Roof replacement costs are calculated using the average home square footage in each Michigan city. Prices reflect the average cost between asphalt shingles, metal roofing, cedar shake shingles, and synthetic shingles.

City Avg. Roof Cost
Grand Rapids $2,223 - $20,748
Grandville $5,502 - $21,609
Wyoming $1,980 - $18,480
Rockford $2,287 - $19,992
Lakeshore $2,148 - $21,350
Kentwood $2,055 - $19,180
Holland $2,076 - $19,376
Ada $3,319 - $30,982
Walker $2,137 - $19,950
East Grand Rapids $3,381 - $21,413

For the most accurate roof replacement price estimate, contact our team of roof estimators or fill out our roof price cost calculator.


Roof Replacement Cost by Material

One of the best parts about replacing your roof is choosing the roof color and material you’re going to use. An important factor to keep in mind as you choose your roof material is the cost. Different roof materials and colors come at different prices depending on the rarity and quality of the product. Roofing material prices are usually determined by the material provider (brand) and are priced per square foot.

Asphalt Shingle Cost

Asphalt shingles are amongst the most affordable and popular shingles on the market. Most homes in America use asphalt shingles, and for good reason. Asphalt shingles are affordable, aesthetic, and long-lasting.

Synthetic Shingle Cost

Synthetic shingles are usually priced slightly higher than most asphalt shingle brands. Synthetic roofing is meant to last longer and withstand greater amounts of natural damage like hail and strong winds compared to asphalt shingles.

Cedar Shake Cost

Cedar shake roofing is considered a premium material with a unique appearance. As a higher quality product, cedar shake roofing is usually one of the more expensive roof material options you can choose from.

Metal Roofing Cost

Metal roofing is amongst the most durable roofing materials on the market. Metal roofing is energy efficient and is known to last longer than most other roof options. Because of its valuable characteristics and abilities, this roofing option is priced higher than most other roof material options.


Roof Cost Based on Season

The cost of a roof could change depending on the season the roof is under construction. The best times to replace a roof are in fall, early winter, or spring - construction around these times is likely to be more friendly to the wallet.

Most people look to replace their roof system in the summer months. The summer is usually the busiest time for most roofing contractors. Although roof replacements may be most convenient in the summer months, most contractors increase their prices by over 10% to keep up with demand in the summer.

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