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Vented Soffits are Essential to your Home

Soffits allow airflow along the underside of your roof, which helps your roof function the way it was designed. Without properly functioning soffits, mold and ice dams will form in your attic. Keep your family safe from mold and your home safe from ice and water leakage by installing a new soffit system.

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New Soffit Protects your Home & Roof

Properly vented soffits provide adequate ventilation to your roof, which helps to prevent ice damming. Ice dams can damage your roof, fascia, and cause leaks. Leaks will lead to mold and rot, which will cost you significantly more to fix than getting a new soffit installed.

Why Premier Exteriors

Premier understands and installs roofing, gutters, fascia, and soffits. Since all of these systems work together, our experience with each of them allows us to do a better job. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality installation and products to keep you happy and satisfied.

Leak Prevention

Using the proper soffit system will help to properly vent your roof, preventing the formation of ice dams. Ice dams can damage your shingles, gutters, and fascia. Water will then find its way through the damaged areas and lead to much bigger problems.

Mold Prevention

One of the problems caused by bad ventilation is mold. Hot, humid air can condense in your attic without proper ventilation. Repeated condensation leads to mold and rot, which are much more expensive problems to fix.

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Vern Hettinga

5 Stars on Google
Austin really delivered. Our roof is 25 years old and now is better than new. Austin, the foreman Kyle, and the entire crew did an outstanding job on the roofing and on the cleanup. Thank for a job well done.

Mary Capitano

5 Stars on Google
Highly recommend Premier Roofing. Dave came to my home on the same day I placed a call regarding a leak from my ceiling. He did a thorough evaluation of the problem on the roof, and provided a fair estimate within a day. Dave placed a tarp on the chimney/roof area of concern, which kept water from c...
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Dmitri Altum

5 Stars on Google
Austin at Premier was a joy to work with. Very thorough in explanation to a first time home owner, made sure I understood what it would cost, how things could change, and what the process would look like start to finish. Despite some unforeseen issues with my roof, they were able to adjust quickly a...
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Becky W

5 Stars on Google
Austin was able and willing to come by the same day we called to check out a roof leak we have. He was able to secure the leak and ceiling until Spring time when we are able to get the leak fixed. Thank you for taking the time to ensure our ceiling is safe until Spring. We appreciate the willingness...
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Robyn Bruining

5 Stars on Google
Premier was recommended via the web & another roofing company due to their expertise in flat roofs. Mike Horton was extremely professional and honest during his assessment and throughout the entire project. Because of his knowledge in multiple exterior areas, we decided to expand our project and are...
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