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Double Hung Window Replacement

Grand Rapids, MI Double Hung Window Replacement Services

We are the top double hung window installers in Western Michigan. Double hung windows are a popular choice for homeowners due to their classic style, versatility, and functionality. If you're considering installing new windows in your home, double hung windows are a great option to consider. Not only do they provide better ventilation and energy efficiency, but they can also add to your home's curb appeal. Our team comprises skilled estimators, project managers, and installers, and we offer a comprehensive workmanship warranty on all of our window projects. Contact us today.

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Double hung Window Services for Western Michigan

Need a double hung window replacement or installation for your Western Michigan home? We’ve got you covered. We’ll help you pick out the right size and design to match your home’s existing aesthetic.

  • Replacement: When your double hung window is old or stops working properly, it may be time for a replacement. Contact us today to choose from 20+ styles and color options.
  • Installation: No new living room or bedroom is complete without a double hung window! We’ll work with your existing contractor to install your windows quickly.

Note: At this time, we do not offer window repair.

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What are double hung windows?

Double hung windows are windows that have two sashes (movable panels) that slide vertically up and down within a frame. Both the top and bottom sashes can be opened, allowing for better ventilation and ease of cleaning.

Advantages of Double Hung Windows vs Other Windows

Double hung windows offer several advantages over other window styles. They provide better ventilation than single hung or fixed windows, as both sashes can be opened to allow for improved airflow. They are also easy to clean, as both sashes can be tilted or removed for cleaning from the inside of your home. Double hung windows have a classic look that can complement many different architectural styles, and they are very versatile, coming in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Opening Style

Slide vertically up and down within a frame


Excellent - allows for full opening and control over airflow

Energy Efficiency

Good - tight seal when closed


Good - multi-point locking system


Easy - easy to clean and maintain


Popular Style of Double Hung Windows in Michigan

  1. Traditional style: This is the classic, traditional look for double hung windows, with rectangular panes and a simple, clean design.
  2. Colonial style: Colonial style double hung windows feature divided light panes, which give the appearance of several small windows in one larger frame. This style is often seen in older homes and adds a charming, traditional look.
  3. Victorian style: Victorian style double hung windows often have decorative details such as intricate patterns in the glass or frames, giving them a more ornate appearance that is fitting for Victorian-era homes.
  4. Craftsman style: Craftsman style double hung windows often have a wider, more substantial frame and can feature divided light panes or simple, clear glass. This style is often seen in bungalow-style homes and is known for its clean lines and simple, elegant design.
  5. Contemporary style: Contemporary double hung windows often have sleek, modern frames with clean lines and minimal details. They can feature clear glass or frosted glass for added privacy and are a popular choice for modern homes and buildings.

Double Hung Windows from the Industry’s Top Brands

We proudly install both Pella and Marvin double hung windows in a wide variety of styles and designs. Pella offers wood, fiberglass and vinyl models while Marvin offers clad wood and aluminum.

How Much Do Double Hung Windows Cost?

On average, double hung windows cost between $600 - $1,742. The price depends on the type, size and brand of the window.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can double hung windows be customized?

Yes, double hung windows can be customized to fit your specific needs. You can choose from different frame materials, glass types, and hardware finishes to create a window that complements your home's style.

How long do double hung windows last?

The lifespan of double hung windows can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the materials used, installation, and maintenance. With proper care, double hung windows can last 20 to 30 years or more.

Are there any drawbacks to double hung windows?

One potential drawback of double hung windows is that they have more moving parts than some other window styles, which can increase the likelihood of wear and tear over time. However, with proper maintenance and care, this should not be a significant issue.

Can double hung windows improve the value of my home?

Replacing your windows with high-quality double hung windows can improve the value and curb appeal of your home. They are a popular window style that is often preferred by homebuyers, especially those looking for a traditional or classic look.

How do I choose the right size double hung windows for my home?

Choosing the right size double hung windows for your home is important for proper fit and performance. Measure the width and height of the window opening and consult with a window expert to ensure you select the right size for your needs.

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