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Grand Rapids, MI Sliding Window Replacement Services

We are the top sliding window replacement contractors in Grand Rapids and Western Michigan. We partner with the top window brands on the market like Pella and Marvin to bring you space-saving sliding windows that are ideal for small rooms, balconies, and patios. We offer a comprehensive workmanship warranty protecting you for years to come.

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Sliding Window Services in Western Michigan

When you need new sliding windows for your Western Michigan home, Our Grand Rapids window contractors got you covered. We’ll help you pick out the right sliding window for your home and budget.

  • Replacement: If your sliding window breaks or stops opening, it might be time for a replacement. Contact us to choose from 20+ styles and color options.
  • Installation: No new home is complete without sliding windows. We’ll work with your existing contractors to install your windows quickly and efficiently.

Note: At this time, we do not offer window repair.

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What Are Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows, also known as gliding windows, are windows that slide horizontally along a track instead of opening vertically like traditional windows. They typically have one or more movable panels that slide past fixed panels.

Advantages of Sliding Windows vs Other Windows

Sliding windows are a popular window style that slides horizontally on a track, rather than opening vertically on hinges like traditional windows. They're a great space-saving option for areas with limited space and are easy to operate, making them a popular choice for individuals with limited mobility or strength.

Opening Style

Slides horizontally on a track


Excellent - allows for full opening and control over airflow

Energy Efficiency

Good - tight seal when closed


Good - multi-point locking system


Easy - easy to clean and maintain


Popular Styles of Sliding Windows in Michigan

  1. Single-sliding windows: These are the most basic type of sliding windows, where only one sash can slide horizontally while the other remains stationary.
  2. Double-sliding windows: These windows have two sashes that can slide horizontally, allowing for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning.
  3. Picture windows with sliding panels: Picture windows are stationary windows that don't open, but they can be combined with sliding panels that can be moved horizontally for ventilation and easy access to the outdoors.
  4. Corner sliding windows: These windows are designed to fit in the corner of a room and have two or three panels that can slide away from the corner, creating a unique and stylish look.
  5. Pocket sliding windows: These windows slide into a pocket in the wall, allowing for a completely unobstructed view when opened.
  6. Multi-track sliding windows: These windows have multiple tracks, allowing for several panels to slide independently of each other. This makes them an ideal option for large openings or spaces where maximum ventilation is needed.

Sliding Windows from the Industry’s Top Brands

We offer a wide range of styles and designs from both Pella and Marvin sliding windows. Pella provides a choice of wood, fiberglass, and vinyl models, while Marvin offers aluminum and clad wood options.

How Much Do Sliding Windows Cost?

The cost of a basic sliding window runs between $600 – $1,742. The cost depends on the type, size and brand of window.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are sliding windows secure?

Yes, sliding windows can be designed with various locking mechanisms to provide security. You can also opt for tempered or laminated glass to increase their resistance to break-ins.

How often do sliding windows need to be maintained?

Sliding windows require minimal maintenance, but it is recommended to clean and lubricate the tracks periodically to keep them sliding smoothly. You may also need to replace weatherstripping over time to maintain energy efficiency.

Can sliding windows be customized?

Yes, sliding windows can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences. You can choose from various materials, colors, and finishes to match your home's design style. Some manufacturers also offer custom sizes and shapes to fit unique openings.

How do I clean sliding windows?

Cleaning sliding windows is relatively easy. Start by opening the window and removing any debris or dirt from the tracks. Then, mix a solution of mild soap and warm water and use a soft cloth or sponge to gently wipe down the frame and glass. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft, clean cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could scratch or damage the window.

Are sliding windows energy efficient?

Sliding windows can be energy-efficient, especially if they're made with insulated glass and a well-sealed frame. Look for windows with low-E coatings, which help to reflect heat and prevent drafts. Additionally, consider the window's U-factor, which measures how well it insulates. A lower U-factor indicates better insulation, which can help to reduce energy costs.

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